Friday, March 4, 2011

Women Feet Strangle Man

captured by cell Oddities

Greetings readers, I think I know the reason for my absence from the blog, yes, fight aliens reptilian infiltrators no easy task, lol, so here's a post signs as you know are pure filler, I hope soon to post about important issues such as the enigmatic Comic-Con Mexico or a comic book series or movie interesting.
Now if we go to messages posted on this occasion I caught with my phone.
The first is more than enough to say who is concerned, the message here is that no matter whether If you are drunk or not, you can arrive and wreak havoc in a country (take that Doctor Doom).

A brand new car pirate invades Mexican roads and highways

"- why he left his car on the tracks? could cause an accident--The sign I ordered it, I'm just a victim," Work of the "V" and the Skrull who infiltrated the transport secretary

not for Elba and Lujambio this phrase would have caused a dramatic increase in reading rates in the country, oh utopia.
Well, that's all for today, comment and if they want to send your photos let me know in the coments, because it is a strange, let's keep it that way. We then read


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